Mistress An Li – Sl33pover Sissy Cuck Part II

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Duration: 5:59s
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You ended up at our sl33pover thinking we were going to tell you our dirty, sexy secrets. You thought we were going to talk about all the naughty things we do to and think about boys. You thought wrong. Mistress Blunt and I have better plans for you. You thought you were here as a man, but this is a GIRLS night. And to hang out with the girls, you have to be one of the girls. Come on, you always knew something was up with yourself. There’s a reason why you’ve always been friend-zoned. There’s a reason why nobody wants to fuck you. There’s a reason why we have no problem talking about all the boys we like to fuck over you. It’s because you’re not a man. A beta cuck like you…why let those dicksucking lips of yours go to waste? It’s time to accept your true destiny. Girl’s night!

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