Mistress An Li – Shut The Gimp Up

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Duration: 11:13s
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Do you actually need full use of your arms and legs? After all, you’re so much cuter when your legs are bound in a frogtie and your hands are wrapped to your shoulder. Like a funny little blue alien pup. You don’t need to walk, do you? Walking is for humans, silly. Did you think you were human? And don’t worry about seeing anything either – I’m just going to wrap your head in plastic wrap until you’re totally blindfolded. With that cute little asshole sticking out, how could I resist filling it up? This e-stim butt plug fits in there quite nicely, and I think I will enjoy watching you moan in pleasure and pain while I turn this higher and higher. And of course, no more talking out of you. Talking is for humans, and a good pup loves stinky shoes, so open up your whore mouth for this shoe gag! I wear these sandal heels all the time and they get so sweaty. They probably taste delightful to a bitch like you. My crotch is so close to you…too bad you can’t smell my pussy through my latex panties. Too bad you can’t kiss my ass with that shoe gag in your mouth! I’m so close yet so far…just the way I like it! Don’t you feel humbled? Don’t you feel weak and pathetic? You’re so much more entertaining like this. Now let’s keep on turning this electrostim unit up… You make a little too much noise, so I’ve resolved it by putting my e-stim on the sound setting. No moaning, crying, or complaining that it hurts or else it’s going to hurt some more! I’m sure that’ll be quite enough to shut you up.

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