Mistress An Li – Schoolgirl With A Sleepsack Part II

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Duration: 11:32s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Since you failed my last facesitting test (you really couldn’t hold your breath well, could you?), I’m back for more. You’re still obviously quite excited, and I just came up with a fun little plan… I’m going to toy with your cock. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, but clearly quite aroused by my ass on your face (and you can’t even see me through blindfold, you just have to feel me and smell me) – why waste an opportunity like this? After all, I think you’re cute. I might as well give you a second chance. Can you feel my hands beginning to stroke up and down on your cock? Can you smell my ass and pussy on your face? Can you feel my toes resting on your face, using your head as my personal ottoman? I can feel you getting hard between my fingers. You feel like you’re so close. Go ahead…cum if you can.

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