Mistress An Li – Scent Slave Part III

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Duration: 11:34s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

My slave has been on edge. All that teasing – me stripping down to my bare ass on his face, sniffing my pussy and asshole, and breathing in my gold nectar – that teasing him to completion will be almost…too easy. He’s stayed incredibly hard the entire time. And can you blame him? What would you do if you had me taunting you with my bare ass and pussy while you were objectified and displayed on the coffee table like a piece of furniture? It’s his lucky day. That one special time of the month where I let him orgasm. I edge him to the brink, keep him there, and… When he explodes, he keeps on squirting. But I’m not done with him yet! After all, the fun isn’t done just because you cum…

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