Mistress An Li – Scent Slave Part I

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Duration: 11:11s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’ve just finished working out, and my ass is so sweaty. Fortunately for me, I have a slave tied up in my living room, desperate for any kind of affection. I know he particularly loves my ass, and it’s so easy for me to tease him with it. After all, he’s right at booty height. With my slave blindfolded and tied up, he has no choice but to sniff my sweaty ass to experience its full glory. I rub my ass on his nose, putting him face to face with my moist leggings, warm and sweaty from my workout. I tell him to inhale deeply so that he can really savor my exquisite scent. I can tell my slave is quite worked up from my ass rubbing up against his face. Why not tease him a bit more? After all, he’s blindfolded and can’t see… I pull my leggings down, teasing him with my bare ass. As he grows more and more in need of me, I tell him to stick his tongue out and lick…

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