Mistress An Li – Ruined In Rubber Part II

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Duration: 10:54s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

The only thing separating me from my rubber gimp is a thin layer of latex (and of course, all the heavy bondage he’s in). His hard cock is not in chastity, for once! Just that skintight second skin of rubber… I can’t help myself. I have to rub my hands all over his cock through the latex. It’s so shiny, appealing, and I can see it twitch and writhe from my every touch. I love hearing him groan and watching him writhe as I squeeze and rub it – but not fully, of course. How could I, with that rubber separating us? I can’t even grab it fully. 😉 And that’s just how I like it. I want him on edge with my touch, wanting more but never getting enough. And all throughout, I play with his breath, restricting it with the dirty gym socks through the gas mask, and then giving it back to him. Watching him shake as he panics and attempts to breathe while his cock gets harder from the fear. I finally can’t help myself. I have to lick the shiny cock. I never suck cock, and then only time I will do it is when I’m teasing and denying it. He feels the pressure of my tongue up and down his cock head and his shaft, but he can’t feel the wetness, the warmth… Teasing and denying his rubber cock.

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