Mistress An Li – Roped Into A Predicament Ft Elise Grave

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Duration: 22:4s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

My slave gimpy is in for a treat. When Elise and I team up, our devious minds combine to really push him to greater limits than before. And he hasn’t been pushed quite like this before. He’s about to go through the wringer with this one… Multiple precarious positions. Only rope and a couple of whips and canes. A suspension winch to raise him up higher. And a canvas bag to hood him and throw him off balance. Surely it couldn’t be that bad? Wrong. slave gimpy is pushed to the edge of his ability again and again, each position getting progressively more difficult to sustain than the previous one. And Elise and I giggle with delight the entire time. First, with his hands tied behind his back in a box tie, his neck pulled backwards to constrain his breathing with rope, and his legs in a perpetual strain because his balls are being pulled downwards. He struggles to not cut off his breathing while being pushed around and whipped. Next, we untie his balls and cross his legs to throw off his balance. The rope around his neck tightens and he struggles to maintain his balance without restricting his breathing. Thirdly, we attach his big toe to his testicles. slave gimpy has to tmaintain balance while having his balls tugged on by his foot, and of course, his foot wants to go where gravity goes. The rope still around his neck, his situation becomes increasingly dangerous as he attempts to balance like a flamingo without ripping off his balls or losing oxygen…all while we’re whipping him. And finally, we lift up his thigh extra high and once again attach his big toe to his balls. The hard stretch on his groin is made even more difficult when the suspension winch is raised…and he has no choice but to stand on his tip toes while stretched out. He twirls and spins helplessly, trying to maintain balance but hopelessly losing. In short, he’s fully fucked, and Elise and I couldn’t be more delighted about it. If you love intense predicament bondage and pure bondage sadism, this clip is an absolute must-have.

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