Mistress An Li – Roped Bitch Part I

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Duration: 12:56s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

First, I ratchet open his mouth with a stainless steel dental gag, completing the medical-gimp-meets-shibari-slut look. Wouldn’t want the top side of his body to relax while I torment his lower bits. Next, I tie up his balls in leather cord, creating a convenient leash to tug and pull his testicles as I please. He’s nice and hard – all the better to inflict genitorture to him. Did you know that states of arousal make one’s pain tolerance higher? How convenient for me. With all the pressure building up in his balls, I can’t help but enjoy squeezing, slapping, and pulling his balls in every which way. Pain…and then pleasure as I jerk him off to keep him hard…and then cause more suffering…and then tease to the edge…and then squeeze it away… All the better to make him take more for me.

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