Mistress An Li – Restrained And Ruined

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Duration: 9:55s
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After my hard caning, you still have a boner? It appears corporal punishment wasn’t enough. You get horny so very easily. Of course, you snuck out your dick in chastity the other day to go wank off – what could I expect? You’re an easily excitable bitch. And given that you’re such a horny slave, I might as well have some fun with it. I’ll just leave you in bondage like that, arms restrained behind your back in the straitjacket, legs spread apart and tied to the table, balls tied up with a convenient rope leash for me to pull on. I’ll pull on the CBT leash, pulling your excited man bits closer to me while your legs are restraining you back. Sniff my pussy and my asshole, slave. Breathe it in deeply. Kiss my ass. It’ll be the last time you get to do so in a long time. I plan on locking you up after this. It’s so funny how horny you get just sniffing my Goddess region, worshiping it while I painfully tug on the leash attached to your cock and balls. Try to get as close as possible. Are you having trouble reaching it since you’re all tied up? Too bad! And now that you’re pent up and so very hard, I’m going to edge you with my hands. Don’t my fingers feel so good sliding up and down your erect cock? I bet you can still smell my asshole and pussy in your nose as I stroke you up and down. Maybe I will let you cum before I lock you back up for a long time. Here’s a countdown. You have to cum at zero or else you don’t get to cum at all! Are you ready?

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