Mistress An Li – Predickament Part II

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Duration: 10:47s
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The best time to tease a cock is when it’s in a predicament. Or more specifically, when my slave’s balls are pulled in one painful direction, sore from being squeezed, poked, and prodded. Because why tease him when he feels good? Why not add some difficulty to it? Why not make it a little exciting? In any case, his cock looks so enticing when his balls are being stretched and his legs are being spread open. You know I love teasing a man while he’s down. Jerking off a broken bitch makes me feel even more powerful than I already know I am. So he gets a handjob while his balls are suffering and he’s in bondage, and you know the bitch needs to cum. It’s so obvious by the way he’s groaning and moaning and from the rising hardness in his cock. I can practically feel his cum about to spurt out. Men are so easy. But he’s not allowed to cum. In fact, I’ve decided that he’s never allowed to cum again. Telling him this gets his cock even harder, because dumb slaves always want what they can’t have. He can’t cum, and if he cums, he gets a punch in the balls. Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t punch him in the balls regardless… Good thing I make the rules!

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