Mistress An Li – Post Chastity Binge

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Duration: 10:17s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Locktober is over which means…it’s time to binge. We all know the cycle. Binge, purge, binge, purge. You deprive yourself of one thing too long, and you start craving the other. It’s called balance. You can’t avoid it. And we all know that all throughout that oh-so-long time in chastity, in denying yourself of any sexual pleasure, you’ve created the need for it even more. Isn’t it funny how that works? Because the longer I’ve kept your cock locked up, the more it’s been apparent that you’re an addict of sorts. You need to jerk off. You need to fall deeper into a mindless stroking marathon. You need to goon and dive into that more extreme high. You need this. So why not round out your month of abstinence with a night of complete and utter hedonism?

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