Mistress An Li – Pleasure Denial Part I

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Duration: 14:58s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

We all know I’m rarely in the mood to give you actual satisfaction. I much prefer a light touch, a loose grip, a gentle breath, and a distant tease to remind you that you are so very close yet so very far from true pleasure. Just enough to keep you hard and on edge, my ass on your face as I gently run my fingers over your cock. Because when I give you just enough of a touch, you’re grateful for all of it. You’re grateful for when I do finally put my full hand on your cock and you’re pent up from all that teasing… I love feeling how hard your cock is as I rub my ass up against it. I love feeling it twitch in between my fingers as a gently breathe on it, reminding you of how devastatingly close my mouth is to your cock. I love running my fingers over your cock and hearing you moan and groan from the sensation because you’re so on edge. And I love knowing you can’t do anything about it because you’re all tied up. You’re too easy.

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