Mistress An Li – Nothing More Than A Toilet

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Duration: 7:20s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It’s easy for you to get confused underneath my ass. You feel so vulnerable, so open, so ready to submit. You see my beautiful asshole push open for you and bless you with my kaviar. You see a speckle of chocolate gracing my perfect brown eye. You want to lick it. You want to lick me. You want to clean me and be my toilet paper. But why would I let your filthy, dirty toilet tongue get anywhere close to me? Why would I let you foul up my divine asshole with your filth? After all, I made you into a toilet for a reason. You will remain in your place and do as you’re told. You will be compliant and quiet. You will be told to open up, swallow, and nothing else. You are a toilet. This is a video to keep toilet bitches in their place. To remind you of your place beneath me. To remind you that you are nothing more than a toilet.

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