Mistress An Li – Never Fucked Like A Man

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Duration: 7:7s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I see right through you and know what you are. I also know what you aren’t. You aren’t a real man. You were never a real man. You may try to pretend, you may try to fake it, but you will never be a real man. See this cock? This cock is more man than you’ll ever be. This strap-on dildo is more man than you have in your entire body. This cock can do what you could never do – it can fuck, it can pleasure, it can give and give and give. I know you’re already aching for it. You probably started drooling when you saw it. Very good…accept that your hole is mine. Accept that you will learn to take what you can’t give. Accept your true place as a bitch, ready to be pounded by my big, fat cock. You will never be fucked as a man again.

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