Mistress An Li – My Balls Not Yours

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Duration: 9:55s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Don’t try to hide your balls from me. You know that’s a futile effort, right? They’re so saggy, loose, hanging ever-so-strangely, and of course, so very susceptible to hurt – it’s like some Goddess created testicles for women to take advantage of! So keep those legs spread and stop trying to cover up your balls with your hands. I’ll get at it one way or another. With my hands, grabbing and clawing with my nails, or with my feet, kicking and stomping…either way, I’ll get my kicks out of it. And christ, do your balls smell funky! I’ve been assaulting them so much that I can smell it on my fingers. Here – lick your ball scent off my fingers. I shouldn’t have to deal with that. Lick it off my feet while you’re at it. See, this is why you’re supposed to clean yourself well! You never know if your Mistress is going to make you suck your own sweaty ball funk off her fingers and toes. In any case, I’ve had quite enough of you. A couple of swift ballbusting kicks to your ‘nads should do the trick.

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