Mistress An Li – My Ass Your Balls

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Duration: 12:11s
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The thing that I love the most about bondage is that it makes my slaves so vulnerable. When you are all bound up, you can’t fight back and you can’t refuse me. You’re helpless, and I can manipulate that in whichever way pleases me. This is very much the case with my slave. I’ve duct taped him in both frog tie on his legs and wing tie on his arms, leaving his poor cock and balls wide open for torment. And I’ve got a stingy little crop with me, ready to whip his cock and balls with. He hates ballbusting and CBT, but really, he has no choice here. I enjoy watching his confused pleasure as I sit on his face, a thin latex thong separating my asshole and pussy from him, commanding him to lick my ass – only to bring my crop down onto his cock and balls in total pain. You know I like a lot of pain with my pleasure. And when I’m done? A sharp, swift punch to his nads to seal in his complete and total weakness. It’s what’s good for him.

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