Mistress An Li – Mummy Cummies

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Duration: 12:37s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

My slave boyfriend has found himself in another dilemma, yet again. I’ve fully mummified and immobilized him to the bench with layers of skintight plastic wrap, leather belts, and head bondage. He wriggles in his plastic cage, completely unable to escape. I love it when my bitches are totally helpless, as you know. I cut out a hole for his cock to peek through and begin edging him. Vigorous strokes of my hand to tease his cock closer and closer to the brink of orgasm… Only to deny him again and again and again and again. He’s been so horny and chaste lately that it’s all too easy to bring him to near-completion. I stroke him ever so lightly to bring him close, and then casually take my hand away just to laugh at his blue-balled moans. And when it’s time for him to cum, little does he know it’s also time for him to swallow…

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