Mistress An Li – Milked To M0thered Ft Helena Locke

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Duration: 41:40s
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I wake up as you and Helena Locke just finish tying me up in a suspended harness like the one in “Floating Fucktoy”. Say how you both broke into my house last night & captured me. Call me a loser for living with my parents & sister, & how they were powerless as you took me away. I’ll never see them again. No one will save me, I belong to you now. You both admire my cock. Helena proposes a competition to see who can make me cum the most. The winner will put me in a $m0ther harness for the night. My hands will be cuffed to it, & my face buried in ass all night long! You flip a coin to decide who goes first. The person going first massages my balls & jerks me till I cum. The person going second decides to tie up my cock and balls & starts fingering my ass as they jerk me which makes me cum more. The loser demands a rematch accusing the other of cheating. To keep it equal you decide to put a milking machine on my cock. As you fit it, gag me & whisper in my ear something threatening if I don’t produce more for you. As the milking starts mention how you’re gonna use me as your toilet. When it’s Helena’s turn she also whispers something threatening in my ear. I’m fucked either way! You’re both more cruel the second time round. Degrading me verbally calling me things like, weak, pathetic, loser, cock slave. You decide the winner.

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