Mistress An Li – Mesmerized Manipulation Part II

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Duration: 7:47s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

After I’ve had my fun with my slave’s wallet, it’s time to put him back under again for more…training. This time around, I’ve decided to bring him lower. I don’t want him as a man anymore. I want him as a cocksucking slut. Because what use do I have for a man? While he’s in a deep trance, I train him to love, adore, and worship cock. I want his mouth to drool and his own dick to get hard when he sees and thinks about a big, fat, juicy cock. I retrain his brain so that he no longer craves pussy and only needs cock. I reprogram him into my cocksucking whore, so excited by cock that he doesn’t need normal, straight, vanilla sex anymore. No, my little slave is going to turn into a good little blowjob machine, focusing on other people’s cocks instead of his own. In fact, I program him so that he gets aroused by sucking dick – because that’s the most sexual satisfaction he will ever get from here on forth. After he wakes from my mesmerization, it’s time to put his dick sucking lips to the test…

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