Mistress An Li – Matriarchal Justice

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Duration: 8:7s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Welcome to Femdomtopia. This is a matriarchal society. Women are always on top, and men are here to serve and obey. As a male, it’s time for you to learn your place underneath women. We are strict about how we discipline disgusting male creatures like you. After all, you’ve spent far too much time in a patriarchal society, and it’s time we washed the sin of male failure from you. First, we start with your mouth, soaping all the disgusting words you’ve spoken in your erred male ways. Repentance starts with a clean mouth. Second, we beat the masculinity out of you, bending you over our laps until all vestiges of your misogyny are a PTSD-memory away. You will learn to be a good male subject in our Female Supremacist society, and you will learn to like it.

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