Mistress An Li – Loser Sniffs My Socks

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Duration: 4:45s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Breathe it in, footboy! How do you like the scent of my sweaty, knee high socks rubbing all over your face? Can you smell my sneakers? Can you smell the sweat in between my toes? What does that smell like? Suck it in deep, because I’m not even going to let you breathe now. Breathing is a privilege, and I’m going to alternate between foot sniffing to feet over your nose and mouth to remind you that right now, my feet are your entire world. My dirty socks are your everything. And aren’t you such a lucky footbitch to have me sitting on your belly, laughing at how silly you are while I tap dance on your face? So hyperventilate on my socks and breathe it in while you can, loser!

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