Mistress An Li – Locktober 2019 Week Two

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Duration: 9:52s
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Welcome to week two of Locktober. This week, we will be focusing on the mental aspects of chastity. See, chastity is not just a purely physical deterrent from jerking off. It’s not only a metal cage around your cock. And it’s not only about your boner, or lack thereof. Chastity is a way of thinking. Chastity is a way of life. Chastity is a lifestyle. With that in mind, I have some…suggestive mantras to help bring you into a deeper state of submission. You could say that listening and repeating these will start to feel trance-like. Good. That means it’s working. So be prepared to take a couple of deep breaths before watching this video. Relax yourself for what’s to come. Focus. And then? Focus on me.

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