Mistress An Li – Locktober 2019 Week Three

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Duration: 8:13s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Three long weeks in chastity can make a bitch desperate. So desperate that he’s willing to try anything. Explore new avenues of sexuality, so to speak. After all, just because your cock is locked up doesn’t mean the horniness will go away. In fact, one might say that your excitability is enhanced. It’s like being blind and noticing that all your other senses are enhanced. Except this time, you’re horny, and your sexual appetite has increased where anything anywhere will do. You’ll take it anywhere. You just need to get fucked. You’ll take it in the ass, and you’ll get fucked by a cock in the ass. And after all these locked up weeks in chastity, you’ll like it. You’ll be a good little twink for me. I mean, you want to get off, right? So buckle up, fairy. It’s time to put your holes to good use.

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