Mistress An Li – Liquid Punishments

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Duration: 11:29s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I caught you taking off your chastity device yet again. I suppose you took this time off to try to jerk-off. Haven’t you figured it out that deceiving me will never lead to anything good? In fact, it’s safe to say that deceiving me will only lead to punishments. And since you’ve tried to relieve yourself of your male urges during your break towards freedom, your punishment will be exactly the opposite. You are to stay locked and cramped in this tiny cage, your arms crossed and your legs squatted in, all limbs tied via the leather mitts, boots, and thigh cuffs securely attached to the cage. Did you think that was it? Oh no, it’s not. You can’t see it through that hood, but there is a funnel directly above you and I’m putting it in your mouth. A full enema bag hangs to the side of you as well. I’m going to fill you up after you so conveniently emptied yourself out. Piss, spit, and my golden nectar down the funnel, right down your greedy bitch gullet, and a full enema up your ass. Filled from two holes…and you’re going to hold it. Because if you didn’t have patience before, you’re going to learn patience now.

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