Mistress An Li – Judicial Caning Jubilee Ft Helena Locke

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Duration: 10:9s
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Our slave is already torn up from being singledtailed to shreds on his back, but Domina Helena Locke and I aren’t done. After all, we haven’t even gotten to his bottom half. His ass and his legs remain preciously unmarked, and what better way to finish off our day of domestic discipline than with my personal favorite form of corporal punishment, caning? Both of us take to his ass, the sides of his legs, and the inside of his thighs with our rattan canes. Caning in tandem and then taking turns, we cane him until he cringes under the pressure. A normal slave would barely be able to handle both of our strokes beating on him simultaneously – even my well-trained domestic slave (who is frequently beat to smithereens) is having difficulty enduring. We take no pity on him, whaling on his derriere as hard as delights us. Blow after blow sends him crumpling into pain and leaving beautiful stripes on his ass. Helena and I circle him like a predator to prey, cornering him from all sides until he has no choice but to undertake our blows and giggling all throughout. His body can barely take it. His once-unmarked ass is no longer recognizeable – it’s now a beautiful shade crimson, his skin being broken open and torn apart with the furious lashes of our cane. And when he’s done? We make him lick clean the deep red mess he’s left on our canes and have him away like the crumpled bitch that he is.

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