Mistress An Li – JOI I Dont Fuck Betas

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Duration: 10:45s
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That’s right. I won’t fuck you. Why would I fuck a sniveling, weak bitch like yourself? You repulse me. I would never get wet with you. I only fuck real men, real men who know how to fuck, real men who know that an Alpha can only be with an Alpha. You? You’ll never come close. It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? How desperate you are to be close to me. So desperate that you’d even settle to watch me fuck another person you’ll never be because that’s the closest you’ll ever get to me. How cute. In fact, you’re going to jerk off to it. You are going to wank yourself off to the thought of me fucking someone superior to you. You are going to wank yourself off to the knowledge that you will never be enough. And you’re going to cum to it. Because you? You’re a beta. And I don’t fuck betas.

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