Mistress An Li – How To Break A Man Part IV

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Duration: 5:39s
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My slave is near breaking. He’s been beaten so hard that his ass is entirely disfigured and has lost all the fight out of his voice. He knows resistance is futile. So of course, it’s time to truly, deeply spank and beat the last bit of resistance out of him. My final implements are the paddles. More specifically, I have a slotted wooden spatula, a bamboo spoon, and a large, heavy duty paddle. Each one heavier and more painful than the last. I save all these implements for last because paddles are more apt to cause bruising. They break the skin more easily. And of course, they can pack a wallop. But before I break him, he breaks one of my slotted spatulas. One side cracks open on his ass, but I choose to keep on beating him with it anyway until the other half breaks. Only when the cooking utensil is fully broken do I progress onto the heavier toys, hitting him raw and senseless. And when I’m done, a final deliverance with the heavy perforated paddle. One paddle to end what has been a ceaseless assault of pure pain.

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