Mistress An Li – How To Break A Man Part II

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Duration: 8:14s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

A woman’s job is never done. And by that, I mean keeping men in line. My slave needs extra punishing. I want to break him apart until he forgets his name. I want to thrash his ass until he completely melts. And why not get creative with it? Why not use a rubber hose to beat his ass into a pulp? After all, it doesn’t take much to subjugate men. I could do it with anything. And a rubber hose – the thick, grippy rubber grabbing onto his ass with every stroke, the wonderful hollow sound it makes each time it slaps him, and of course, his little bitch groan as he tries to endure this ass whooping – it’s so very satisfying. I want to break him. Again and again and again and again. And I’ve got several more implements to go.

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