Mistress An Li – Helpless Balls Part II

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Duration: 12:6s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

After all that ball torment, surely it’s time for a reward for my mistreated slave, right? I promised him an edging handjob, and that is what he’ll get. There’s just one catch. It’s not that easy to cum with his cock and balls tied up like that. In fact, some might say it’s outright impossible! With his cock tied up so tightly, there’s just no way for his cum to squeeze through. Any stroke I give him is just going to be one long tortuous touch with no release – just the way I like it. And of course, with his balls tied up like that, I can’t help but pull and squeeze them. I mean, if it’s presented in such an enticing manner, how could I resist? I’m only human… And how funny is it that his cock stays so hard? I guess it can’t help but do that, what being tied up in an impromptu cockring. So hard and so sensitive. So easy to tease. So easy to torment. Every touch bringing him closer to the ejaculation he will never have.

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