Mistress An Li – Helpless Balls Part I

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Duration: 12:53s
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Did you know that balls tied up in tight CBT bondage actually become more sensitive? The constrictive nature of the bondage pushes all the circulation to the area, thus making the genitalia so much more sensitive to every action inflicted upon it. Every action including, say, squeezing them in between my hands. slave gimpy sure found that out the hard way! I tied his balls up with a spare stocking, making sure to separate the balls from each other (which is honestly the only way to tie up balls – it looks so much cuter like that), and securing them with a nice knot in front as a convenient leash. And of course, separating his balls like that makes it so much easier for me to grab each one individually and squish them… Obviously, he needs to be restrained in all of this. You know how men get when you squish their balls. They’re so whiny. They’re always trying to close their legs together to hide their cock and balls. They shake around in pain. They scream no. It’s such a hassle, really. All the better that his legs and thighs are spread open in a spreader bar, and then securely attached to the bed frame to make sure that they’re going nowhere. Arms and chest bound together, and then further chained up to the head of the bed. Good bondage makes for easy male torment. And with his balls so invitingly tied up like that, I can’t help but get my hands on them. Squeeze them harder and harder until they feel like they’re about to pop. Squish them until they feel like nothing. And feel his complete and total fear for his manhood shivering in those delicate pain-sacks. They’re so tightly tied up, they look like cherries I could just take a bite out of…

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