Mistress An Li – Good Boy Spankings

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Duration: 10:9s
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We all know boys need a little extra…guidance in their life. What is about being male that causes boys to be naughty? And most boys need a little extra persuasion. It’s called tough love. I want my slave to be a good boy. But sometimes his behavior requires a little bit of punishment. He needs to feel shame. When his briefs pulled down until his bum is bared to me as he lies over my lap, he’ll feel both embarrassed and repentant. And when his bottom is spanked until it’s nice and red, he’ll feel the sting of his lesson. I grab him and pull him over my knees, warming up his ass with my hands until his cheeks get a rosy glow. And once he’s thoroughly flushed, I progress onto heavier implements that will leave more of an impact. First, with a heavy wooden hairbrush. And finally, with a dense wooden paddle. His poor little derriere burns and he groans in submission and pain with each stroke, and I humiliatingly allow him to worship my feet as I strike him again and again. He needs a good smackin’ around, and that’s what he’ll get.

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