Mistress An Li – Gay Zoned

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Duration: 9:56s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Oh, you’re asking me out? I didn’t know you were…straight. I just thought we were really good friends, and you were…you know…my gay best friend. I didn’t realize you liked me like that. In fact, I didn’t realize you even liked women like that. It’s just the way you act. You act so gay. I mean, all of our friends think you’re gay, too. I’m fairly certain any woman you’ll meet is automatically going to assume you like men, that you’re gay. It’s just so obvious on you. I’m surprised you haven’t realized you’re gay yourself. I still want to be your friend, I really do. I want to be close to you! But not in a romantic lover sort of way. I think you should really give up on the whole trying to date women thing. No woman is ever going to believe you’re straight. You should really just accept your gayness. I have an idea…

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