Mistress An Li – Gay Beta Cuck Boyfriend

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I caught my boyfriend in my panty drawer yet again. At first I thought it was because he wanted to sniff my panties. Who could blame him, right? But then I realized it was because he wanted to wear them… Of course. My boyfriend is gay. He’s a queer. He’s a homo. He’s a fag. It all makes sense now…why he always wants me to fuck him in the ass, why he doesn’t get hard at normal sex, why he wants to wear my girly clothes… And all this time spent with him has been a lie. If he wants to be a weird little sissy, I’ll make him into a sissy. If he wants to wear my panties, I’m going to put all my worn panties on his head and tape them together so everybody knows how much of a freaky sissy he is. If he wants to be gay, I’m going to make him suck cock and take it up his ass. I’m going to treat him as the little bitch that he is. From here on out, he’s nothing more than my beta cuck boyfriend.

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