Mistress An Li – Gay Beta Cuck Boyfriend Part II

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Duration: 8:24s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

After crossdressing my so-called boyfriend in all my panties (including taping all my dirty old panties all over his head), it’s time to start conditioning him into a big fat gay life. And what’s the best way to condition a man to suck cock and love cock? By making him cum with a cock in his mouth, of course. He needs to learn how to like the sensation of a fat cock sliding on his throat and he needs to learn to get turned on by wearing my panties. I’m going to make him a veritable disgusting sissy by jerking him off and making sure he gets turned on be being my crossdressed little bitch. And when I’m done with him? It’s time for him to learn to like the taste of cum, too. After all, he’s not actually my boyfriend anymore. He’s just another queer sissy bitch in my life now.

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