Mistress An Li – Full Toilet Slavery

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Duration: 9:42s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It all started with your love of ass. Being underneath it, smelling it, tasting it – you wanted everything to do with my ass. And how could you not? Perfectly round, bouncy, curvy, and all that is woman…it’s hard to resist the perfect ass. You became obsessed. That view. A perfectly round ass lowering down onto your booty-addled face. One view and you are completely helpless and horny for it. And of course, that smell of asshole. You needed it. The slightest hint of it and you would automatically get turned on. Such a unique and musky smell. Addicting and arousing, reminding you of your place underneath womenkind. When did you realize what that smell was? When did you realize that with every asshole is a little bit of…caviar? First, you were obsessed with ass. Then you grew to discover that your desires fell a little bit…harder. And then, you were obsessed with being my toilet. An ass like mine begets toilet slavery. An ass like mine demands that you fully give in, in the deepest, lowest sorts of ways. An ass like mine commands full toilet training.

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