Mistress An Li – From The Ground Up Part II

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Duration: 9:26s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

After I’m satisfied with teasing my slave gimpy with my thigh high boots, I’ve decided to allow him the privilege of worshiping my ass. He’s tied to the floor, hands bound to his side in strict double sleeve leather armbinders, and of course his head is chained in the sensory deprivation hood. Helpless, just the way I like it. I bend over on the bed, taunting him with my ass. My ass is his favorite part of me to worship, and I know that him in sendep is an even greater tease for him. Unable to see, smell, or touch my ass, all he can do is kiss and lick it. I make him blindly search for it, commanding him to worship it in while bound and useless. It’s inevitable that I’d increase the difficulty, of course. I find that he’s worshiping my ass a little too easily, so I attach the chain leash to the ground behind him, pulling his neck back in the most delightfully uncomfortable way. Kissing my ass becomes exponentially more difficult for him as he cranes his neck and back to try to reach my ass, with me tantalizing him just out of reach…

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