Mistress An Li – From The Ground Up Part I

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Duration: 9:29s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

My slave is hogtied to the floor. His arms are bound in double sleeve leather binders, his legs are spread in frogtie, shackled to the ground, and his head is hooded and gimped. A single chain leash is attached to the top of his skull, allowing me easy access and control to his head as I please. For today’s task, I’ve decided he’ll be a perfect boot bitch. After all, I’m wearing my divine leather OTK boots. They accentuate my shapely calves and thighs so well, and of course, that otherworldly heel! Perfect for walking all over men with. And with my gimp bitch hogtied on the floor, I can pull his head around to lick my boots clean. Guiding his head with the leash is delightful as I watch he struggle with the discomfort of his skull being pulled back in this particularly difficult predicament bondage situation. He’s truly such a helpless bitch to my boots and has no choice but to stick his pink tongue out and lick where I tell him to. His mouth is my personal boot cleaning device, and I’ll work him until that cute little tongue is sore.

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