Mistress An Li – Foot Cuck

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Duration: 8:22s
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You know, you really ruined everything for yourself with your whole…foot fetish thing. We could have dated, we could have even fucked, but then you brought up that gross foot love of yours and it was a complete and total turn-off. I just don’t think I could ever be with anyone who likes something as weird as that. I definitely couldn’t fuck someone who liked something like that. It’s almost like you’re overcompensating for being a foot freak. Get dressed up, read some books, get a good job, but underneath it all, you still like to suck on toes and sniff stinky feet. Underneath it all, you’re just a gross foot bitch. But it’s ok, there are plenty of very viable fish in the sea. I can easily find a real man who doesn’t have the same gross predilections as you. Someone who’s hotter, more successful, better than you, but most importantly, someone who doesn’t have a foot obsession. But don’t worry, I’ll keep you around. After all, there is a bit of a sunk cost with the time you’ve spent with me, and I might as well make it entertaining for me and my man…

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