Mistress An Li – Floating Fucktoy Part II

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Duration: 10:36s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

My gimpy’s cock is hanging in between his legs, hard and ready for me. And when I position him exactly in such a vulnerable position, with his arms and legs fully suspended in the air in strict leather bondage to give me easy access to his erection… Well, it’s easy to see what’s coming. Or what’s not coming. To be more accurate, he’s going to cum. But am I going to give him the orgasm he wants and absolutely does not deserve? Who do you think I am? I’m going to tease him long and deep, bringing him closer to me through his cock. I’m going to slide my slippery grip all over his shaft while he remains entirely helpless in bondage, and I’m going to feel exactly where his cum is. And then I’m going to have him milk himself for me in a hands free ruined orgasm, taking off my hands seconds before he cums. He will milk himself fully for me, but he will not get the body shaking orgasm he wants. Just a sad drip-drip-dripping of his cum into my expectant palms, ready to feed it right back to whence it came.

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