Mistress An Li – Filled Up And Drained Dry

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Duration: 12:52s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You love the booty. You’ll do anything for the booty. Absolutely anything…including being my full toilet. Taking it all in – caviar, champagne – and swallowing it up. Do you worship me? Do you adore me? Would you do anything just to eat my chocolate? I know you would. Look at yourself, desperate just to see my brown star opening up over your face. You’re hungry. I can tell. I’m also hungry. I’m hungry for food (and you know how full I can get…) and for your wallet. I mean, I deserve to rinse and drain you for all you’re good for, don’t I? After all, you’re practically salivating to be my full toilet. It’s practically a given. So I have a scenario for you

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