Mistress An Li – Endless Cane Torment

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Duration: 14:14s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It’s caning day, bitch. What a lucky little boy to have the attention of three Goddesses on your puny male body! Sure, it hurts, but it sure as hell is better than nothing. When Cybill Troy, Renee Trevi, and I get together, no man walks away unscathed. And you – you’re going to crawl away in complete and utter defeat. There is no end in sight with our caning. With you locked up in the stocks and your balls exposed to us in the humbler, everything is fair game for the stinging of your canes. You’ll be whipped until you cry, scream, bruise, and beg…and even then, we’ll keep on going. Why? Because we like it. It’s our job to remind male scum like you that you’re weak, that you’re our toy, and that you are utterly helpless to do anything about it. So give up. Who knows how many hundreds of strokes you’ll get today? Who knows when we’ll get bored of you and move onto other helpless male flesh? Your ass, leg, and balls are ours. You will be caned until you are nothing.

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