Mistress An Li – Electrocaged Part I

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Duration: 18:33s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Elise Graves and I find a cloth-covered box in our living room. What could it possibly be? It makes such weird noises… Oh, of course. It’s a slave in a cage. A heavy, wrought iron cage with a convenient head hole. And what do women like us do to bitches in boxes? We immobilize them even more, of course! We trap his head in the head opening, restrain his arms behind him, and tie all his limbs to the cage to make sure there is zero freedom for him. After all, it’s hard to fight back when you’re tied to a heavy cage. The cherry on top? A metal gag in his mouth to prevent his head from moving back into the cage. A perfectly trapped object. And what do we do with trapped objects? We torment them, of course! And electricity is one of the best ways to successfully cause a captive slave to suffer. We poke at our prisoner with cattle prods, building up the current to shock him as much as possible. We attach electrified clamps to his nipples via a TENS unit, and I have a delightful time controlling the knobs and listening to him moan. And Elise brings out her electrically-charged Wartenburg wheel, ready to bring volts of electricity down to his genitals…

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