Mistress An Li – Edged To Oblivion Part II

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Duration: 13:14s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

The edging marathon continues as my slave has another erotically challenging task ahead of him. Can he handle my feet wrapped around his cock? If he loves sucking them, kissing them, and worshipping them so much, what will happen when I have them cradled around his member, stroking them to high heaven? It’s foot job time! Time to test my slave boyfriend’s ability to not cum as well as his adoration for my feet my edging his cock again and again and seeing how many times I can bring him to cumming. My feet are oiled up, shiny, and ready to slide up and down him, teasing him until he moans and groans in pleasure and fear. And just for extra luck, I bring in my hands to make sure he’s getting the full tease I want to see out of him. With both my hands and feet on his cock at the same time moving around and giving him stimulation like he’s never had before, he just might burst… And remember! If he can withstand my edging task for as long as I want without cumming, he gets to be in chastity for a week. He’ll be allowed to jerk himself off and cum as many times as he wants (which we all know is a privilege he rarely has). If he loses and gives in to that edging orgasm? He gets punched in the balls twenty hard times.

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