Mistress An Li – Doggy Treats Ft Elise Graves

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I have a new puppy and Elise Graves has come over to play with him! By puppy, I mean gimp puppy, of course. I’ve decided to restrain my slave in strict leather bondage, minimizing his arms and legs to helpless nubs in matching frogtie and wingtie. It’s time to retrain him to be a very good bitch. Elise and I can’t get over how adorable he is, with his wagging tail and cute little bark. We rub his belly and make him obey our commands, having him roll over and bark for us. We plug his ass with an inflatable butt plug to complete the doggy look. Then we decide to start leash training him. Elise screws a nose hook into his delicate nose and I attach the leash to it. We now have a perfect method of walking our new puppy on a leash. With the nose hook attached to his nose, he won’t pull unnecessarily. He is still clumsy and slow, however… Our solution is to whip him while he’s getting walked, of course! Elise follows him closely with her singletail, smacking him on the behind while I guide him around on the leash. He struggles to crawl quickly enough with his nubs, but that’s what makes it so delightful for us… When we’ve decided that he’s done a good enough job, I reward him with my ass. Puppies love to sniff ass, and it’s only fair to give my new doggy some positive reinforcement. Facesitting on him so he knows the scent of his owner is the best treat he can get…almost. After all that work, my new puppy is surely parched. Fortunately for him, I have some electrolytes for him straight out of my body – a delightful champagne to celebrate my play date with my new doggy.

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