Mistress An Li – Doggy Discipline Part I

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Duration: 7:54s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I know you’re nothing more than a puppy with base instincts and a tendency to sniff assholes. And here I am, wearing nothing more than an oh-so-revealing leather dress – of course you want to get your pup nose upskirt to get a whiff. But you know better than that. You know that you need to get reprimanded. Puppies like you need training. Puppies like you need discipline. Puppies like you need to be put in your place. Because remember, I am a human and you are a pup, and as a pup, I fully intend on having you well-trained, even if I need to beat it into place. A hard, heavy OTK hand spanking until your bum is on fire, pink-cheeked from my palms slapping you again and again. Have you learned your lesson? Will you learn your lesson? How many spanks until the puppy knows its place? How red does your ass need to be before you learn who your true Master is?

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