Mistress An Li – Degenerate Toilet

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Duration: 9:24s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I know exactly how a filth-seeking toilet bitch’s mind works. I know exactly what you crave. You need it nasty. You need it dirty. You need it as degrading and disgusting as possible. Fortunately for you, I have something just for degenerate sluts like you. And I have a lot of it. Say thank you to my asshole, pervert. Because the thing is sickos like you need more. Normal sex isn’t enough. An hour of vanilla porn isn’t going to get you off. Your cock just doesn’t work like that anymore. You need it as repulsive as possible just to cum. You need the obscene, the offensive, the absolutely foul and putrid just to get your little cock to drip. You need to feel like the trash can of a human that you are. And I know exactly how to treat you.

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