Mistress An Li – Daddys Plaything Part II

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Duration: 11:1s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

With Elise Graves all warmed up from the whipping and flogging, the nipple torment and teasing, the hair pulling and back scratching…it’s time to bring in heavier toys. I have all the implements I plan to use laying in front of her so she can contemplate what suffering she’ll go through next. And I’ve decided. A heavy leather implement, thin enough to be a strap, heavy enough to be a paddle, and painful enough to get those moans that I love to hear out of her. See, the thing about a leather paddle like this is that it’s both thin and heavy. It has the ability to move fast and leave a deep mark. And it fits in all those fun little places like, say, Elise’s pussy. So while I fully intend on spanking her until her ass is red, I can’t help but wriggle the strap in between her thighs, rubbing the thin edge right on her clit. The very real threat that I might just focus on her pussy next. How could I resist? A strap like this was made to slap and spank her pussy. It would be…cruel and unusual…for me to not do so, right? Every single hit on Elise’s clit and pussy evincing those beautiful groans out of her that make me want to torment her more and more…

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