Mistress An Li – Daddys Plaything Part I

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Duration: 14:53s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Have you craved the moment when you could finally watch Daddy An Li dominate another woman? Well today’s your lucky day, bitches! Now featuring Elise Graves of Bondage Liberation in her return to extreme bodily submission. Our immediate connection is electric and something you will definitely not want to miss. When I first got into contact with Elise to shoot, she suggested that she wanted to bottom for a couple of the videos. I was excited. As some of you may know, Elise has bottomed for some pretty intense shoots in all sorts of ways. What was even more exciting? She was only recently getting back into it after only topping for the past couple of years. She revealed to me that she was intrigued by all my corporal punishment videos and wanted to try again… I decided I would be nice. I’d break her in gently. I’d let her get used to my touch – the feeling of my fingers running all over her body, exploring her, scratching, pinching, poking, clawing – only to warm her up with some good old fashioned spanking. She was more than receptive. She groaned in delight. Every single slap on her ass left her moaning, every twist of her nipples left her panting, every sharp scratch down her back left her writhing. She was teased, pushed, and pulled in every direction. I knew this would be good. And when it was time to finally bring out the whips? She was ready. I was going to build her up to take more and more pain for me. I wanted her entire body in quivering submission. The proof is in the pudding, bitches. She’s a verifiable masochist.

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