Mistress An Li – Chaste Edged And Ruined

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Duration: 13:37s
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Finally letting you out today! And just for fun, I’m going to play with your cock. After all, being locked up for two weeks must have made your cock so sensitive. I bet you’re going to want to explode just from a single stroke from me, huh? You can’t cum, of course. Or at least, you can’t cum without my permission. I’m just going to keep on jerking you off and feeling the cum rise in your cock knowing that you’re just at the edge. It’s going to be the longest handjob of your life – being unable to cum but needing to endure the pleasure that is me edging you. You’re so funny when you’re on edge! Feeling your body clench while you try to push that orgasm back, knowing how weak you are when I tease your cock… I can’t help but laugh at how pathetic you are! Ok, fine, I’ll do a countdown. You have to cum on time, ok? If not, you get punished. You know how I like to punish boys. With ballbusting! So no pressure or anything, just me beating your cock. I’ll be generous and give you plenty of time to cum… you do want to cum, right?

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