Mistress An Li – Caned Until You Cant

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Duration: 10:21s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Silly little bitch! You sure never stood a chance, did you? Your poor little behind is far too puny and weak for the likes of Hera Chevalier and I. With you strapped down to the spanking bench, your white ass is fully exposed for our canes and we fully intend to thrash and whip you until you cry. How fucking pathetic. So take it until you can’t. We’re going to cane you until you’re trying to crawl away, until you’re scrambling in pain. At the very least, you know we’re enjoying ourselves while we laugh at your expense. And isn’t it sweet how we spank you in unison, uniting Femdom powers to make you our bitch? You’ll take this caning, and let this be a reminder of your inherent male weakness. Please note that this clip does not have any any audio. Sometimes technical errors happen!

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